Golden Quill

Gold dipped quill the epitome of elegance for your favorite bard.

QU1-AW-65 qcoins



Single White Goose Quill

These quill pens are crafted from the finest quality white goose quills. The nib may be re-sharpened and re-shaped as often as necessary. 

QU2-AW-3 qcoins



Quill with Brass Nibs

One quill feather pen with brass nib attachment for use with standard nibs. Comes with five assorted nibs. This permits the writer different writing styles.

QU3-AW-10 qcoins


Goose Feather Quill Set

Set of four authentic goose quill pens in  four different colors, 11" in length.  These quills are not precut and must be shaped for writing with a pen knife.

QU4-AW-10 qcoins


Pheasant Feather Quill Set

Contains one quill precut and ready for your words.  Included with the quill are four bottles of ink, selected as a random sampling of our stock.

QU5-AW-25 qcoins


Quill Set

Contains two precut goose quills, ready for use.

QU6-AW-5 qcoins




Ostrich Plume Quill

Fancy and exotic, this quill is precut and needs only your hand to begin scribing the work of your muse.

QU7-AW-8 qcoins




Quill Assortment

Twelve bright plumes come in an array of colors, for those that want to color coordinate with their inks.

QU8-AW-20 qcoins






Pen Knives

A:  This quill knife has a narrow blade to facilitate curved cuts, and its sharp back may be used to scrape the quill.

B: This exquisite quill knife, with gilt bronze, scroll engraving, and six cabochons will be a distinguished addition to any scribe's desk.

QU9A-AW-40 qcoins // U9B-SER-85 qcoins